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Andreas P. A. Giermek

About Me

Andreas Giermek

Hailing from a Silesian family of academics has cast a deep and lasting influence on my education and career. In particular, it has endowed me with an appreciation of learning and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

Even for someone steeped in today's multidisciplinary academic world, the breadth and variety of my qualifications and interests may come as a surprise.

The path away from the production and the information society to a knowledge society represents the overarching goal of my work. Me and the co-operating people represent a bridge that goes beyond the development of the spirit of the time and makes this essential knowledge available for the future generations.

Area of Interest

  • Bridging the gap between the high holistic educational goals of humanistic past and the future requirements in the context of Contemporary Septem Liberal Arts.
  • Management and development of processes of transformation towards knowledge-based societies, with particular involvement of the values ​​and self-development.
  • System and system integration theory.

Research Priorities

  • Methodology and didactics
  • Transformation of social and economic systems in knowledge-based or -optimized systems.
  • Personality Development
  • Open document standards and distribution systems for scientific publishing

Teaching Experience

  • (academic) methodology and didactics
  • Knowledge und Process Management
  • Communikation, Rhetoric, Persuasion
  • Voice training, singing, elocution, acting, diction, music education, dramaturgy / Staging
  • Labour and Social Law
  • Scientific publishing, Scientific Methodology
  • Sciences and Mathematics
  • IT development and strategy, programming, UNIX / Linux, best practices, high availability / reliability, MPI and GPU
  • Elektronics (analog and digital)
  • German Language for Scholars

Profile (Education and Research)

  • Expertise in the fields: (academic) methodology and didactics, Intrinsic motivation techniques, psycholinguistics and psychological pedagogy, academic competence development, university setting up and development
  • Organization, financing and concept of international, private sector enterprises, particularly in the field of research and developement
  • Knowledge und Process Management
  • Broadcast Production (in particular: Education, Fabula), from script to fundrising, CGI und marketing
  • Extensive experience in the training of teachers.

Profile (Fine Arts)

  • Singing: Bass, Ambitus modal C - f1, falsetto to c2, Tessitura: E-h1, Character: profondo, Timbre: dark and round, with brightened high formants and very good carrying power
  • Speaking voice: very high sonority with warm depth and high penetration / presence, use: Off voice (documentation, factual text), dramaturgical (lip synchronization, audio book), high experience with extreme demands on the diction
  • Acting: flexible and transformable character appearance, high experience with classical texts and extreme, highly differentiated roles.
  • Expertise in dramaturgy, directing, staging and choreography, vocal training (including therapy), ensemble dynamics, composition, style, repertoire and movement / pantomime.
  • Due to the comprehensive teaching in all areas high experience and special knowledge in the field of triple disposition.
  • High experience in singing and acting with foreign language repertoire.
  • Piano accompaniment for vocal

Profile (Business)

  • Expertise in the areas of: finance, Bank Business, corporate management, IT and organization
  • Knowledge- und Process Management
  • Excellent Soft Skills
  • Communikation (internal / external)
  • Expertise in the area of Human Ressources

Profile (IT)

  • Expertise in the areas of: finance, Banken-/Finanzwesen, corporate management, IT and organization
  • Compiling programming languages: C, C++, Pascal, Lotus Notes VB
  • Machine languages: Assembler x86
  • µC programming languages: AVR
  • Interpretive programming languages: Perl, PHP, ASP, Lotus Notes Script
  • Web Technologies: XML / HTML, JavaScript, Java, Flash, CGI, Webservices / Corba
  • Network: Ethernet, Fiberoptics, TokenRing
  • Operating Systems: UNIX / Linux, Windows 3.11 to Win 8, DOS
  • Markup Languages: LaTeX, SGML, XML
  • Conceptual design and supervision of complete websites
  • Excellent knowledge in WAN / LAN
  • Excellent knowledge in the area of MPI and GPU
  • Individual applications (selection): Learning Systems (Moodle, Lotus Notes, ...), Groupware (Lotus Notes programming and administration), SAP integration, ...

Study and Qualifications

  • University-entrance diploma, Bismarckschule Elmshorn
  • Physics and Comparative Culture and Philosophy History with a focus on Near and Middle East, University of Hamburg, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
  • Banker / Bank Business Economist, including CCI certification, Sparkassenakademie Kiel, IHK Elmshorn
  • Singing, acting, elocution / rhetoric, dance, School of Music and Theatre, Hamburg, Stage School for Music, Dance and Drama, Hamburg, Hamburg Conservatory
  • General and special educational sciences, University of Music and Theatre, Hamburg, University of Hamburg
  • Advanced Studys in Contemporary Septem Artes Liberales, Leading Capabilities

Professional Experience
in Addition to Academic

  • Banker, priorities: financing, investment advisory, legal, IT and organisation, 4 years
  • Business consultant, IT developer, sales, focus: organization, financing, human resources, knowledge management, IT strategy / high security and high availability, 12 years
  • Self employment / freelance, setting up and operating an own research institute (since 2002)


  1. Andreas P. A. Giermek, Der "prima vista"-Vortrag, Kompendium, 2002, 2012 Hamburg, PDF-Datei, Abstract
  2. Andreas P. A. Giermek, Dramaturgie im Unterricht, Kompendium für Pädagogik-Studenten, 2007 Hamburg
  3. Andreas P. A. Giermek, Johannes P. P. BraunAnleitung zum Internationalen Phonetischen Alphabet für die künstlerische und pädagogische Grundausbildung, Kompendium, 2011, 2013 Hamburg, Abstract

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